Patient Information Update:

Sherilyn Smith, RMT, is NO LONGER practicing at the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre located at 2121 Marine Drive, 2nd Floor in West Vancouver.

She is currently on holiday, but retains her business name, Aquatic Centre Massage Therapy.

Case history files are secured and available if required by your lawyer, at:
Don Solomon, RMT at OceanWalk Massage Therapy
1884 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC  V7V 1J6.
Phone: (604) 818.7278


Don Solomon, RMT, is currently accepting new patients. He accepts MSP, ICBC, WCB, and DVA claims, as well private patients.


Recommended Physiotherapist: Fred Samorodin, RPT

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 9.48.42 PM

This is the physiotherapist I’ve told most of you about who uses a combination of fascial craniosacral therapy, Bowen therapy and many others – plus a few exercises – to get me all stretched out and re-balanced one or twice a year.

I’ve been going to him for nearly 10 years and highly recommend at  least one visit for anyone who has bad postural habits, leading to misalignment.

Check out his website for yourself to see his extensive background: http://www.integratedphysio.com


You may follow Sherilyn on Facebook at facebook.com/AquaticCentreMassageTherapy





“The magic is not in the medicine, but in the patient’s body…in the recuperative nature or self-corrective energy of nature. What the treatment does is to stimulate the natural functions or to remove what hinders them…” – Miracles, C.C. Lewis, 1940

Sports Massage helps with Athletic Performance and Sports Injury. Therapeutic Massage incorporates advanced techniques used for Pain and Chronic Health issues. Lay back, relax and let the stress melt away! Restore your Sense of Calm, Balance and Well-Being.